The paper industry in India is more than a century old. At present there are over 850 paper mills manufacturing a wide variety of items required by the consumers.

 These paper mills are manufacturing industrial grades, cultural grades and other specialty papers. The paper industry in India could be classified into 3 categories according to the raw material consumed.

  1. Wood based
  2. Agro based &
  3. Waste paper based

While the number of wood based mills are around 14 and balance 836 mills are based on non-conventional raw materials (Agro Residues and Recycled fibre - waste paper)

The Govt. of India has relaxed the rules and regulations and also delicensed the paper industry to encourage investment into this sector and joint venture are allowed and some of the joint ventures have also started in India. The paper industry in India is looking for state-of-art technologies to reduce its production cost and to upgrade the technology to meet the international standards.

The Indian Paper Industry is among the top 5 Global players today, with an output of more than 24 Million tonnes annually with an estimated turnover of Rs. 76000 Crores.

Paper Industry in India is moving up with a strong demand push and is in expansion mode to meet the projected demand of 30  Million tonnes by 2026-27.

Many mills in India are in modernization and expansion spree. Many old Mills are under revival or new green field projects are under consideration.



Major changes are taking place in various segments like writing & printing paper, paperboard, newsprint, tissues, etc. New technologies and modern management will have vital part in this process. Besides that many overseas players are entering India by acquiring or by setting up new plants in Indian soil with  an aim to make India as a paper manufacturing  hub which will bring huge investments to Indian Pulp and Paper Industry.

Today India is an excellent and vibrant market for Paper and Paper products due to high spending of the middle class people and  Government initiatives in the Social Development front also make the industry more vibrant. Many Indian Paper Mills are eying now to new mills to setup or joint ventures with existing players abroad to widen their business horizon.